After you sign in you can feel free to explore your site. 
Dont forget to read the Bulletin Board to find out what our top topic of discussion is! Don't leave messages on the sign in page, as it is not monitored on a regular basis.

We have copies of the By-laws & Covenants and Restrictions, and Policies pertaing to just how some of the Bylaws and/or covenants are to be applied, and Amendments that you can view on-line in PDF format or print off a copy from your computer.

Want to get your news letters and even your Statements on-line? Contact us by way of the Feedback form and let us know your desires and give us your e-mail address!
Note: We have to get a minimal number of Owners interested in doing so, so please contact us soon, and help us spread the news.
I am working on the "Bulletin Board". That is as close to a Chat room as I can design on this site. The Bulletin Board will be used on discussion topics, you will be able to send in your input using the feedback form. Label the e-mail "Bulletin Board Submission", as long as it is not rude obnoxious or distasteful your submission will be posted. All submissions must have your lot number as an identifier. (no anonymous submissions will be posted or read). Through this Bulletin Board you can "talk", more or less, with the other people in the community about things that are happening here.
Through our Management Company Cedar Management We even have a way to pay your dues on-line!! Is that cool or what?
So hang around, keep coming back, and see what happens Next!!
Additional links to other pages with even more info and content coming soon!

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